Science of Twist

Most frozen dessert shops fail to utilize the middle handle of their soft-serve machines. We've carefully matched and tested combinations using our 70 premium flavors to create an additional 200 flavor profiles simply by using the middle twist handle on your soft-serve machine.

The Science of Twist keeps your price down by allowing us to control our production and inventory costs. You're able to offer more flavors without having to add additional machines.

Introducing Gelati

Gelati is what you get when you swirl our creamy Vanilla Custard with our refreshing Italian Ice flavors. The result is an indulgent blend of velvety custard with a splash of bold, tropical flavors.

Explore the Possibilities

We've carefully matched and tested every possible flavor combination and have identified the ones we feel you're customers will love. We've given the twist combinations names and created flavor tags to help your customers identify with the flavor profile.