Sugar Creek's Chillology

Sugar Creek’s Chillology seminar combines product knowledge and insider tips to help launch your new frozen dessert shop or boost sales in your existing shop.

The soft-serve market is a competitive landscape. It's important to be unique. When you serve Sugar Creek or Honey Hill Farms® soft-serve desserts in your store, restaurant or cafeteria, you can be assured that we're here to help you get started with a solid foundation of product knowledge, as well as helpful tips on getting your frozen dessert shop off the ground and standing out from the crowd. Here's what you'll learn during our free Chillologist seminar:

  1. How to incorporate high quality, indulgent soft Custard, Italian Ice, and Gelato desserts using your existing soft-serve machines without investing in costly new equipment.
  2. How to mix and match uniquely designed soft frozen dessert products to create even more varieties in your shop, including Gelati (a swirl of Custard and Italian Ice).
  3. How to elevate your shop offerings and stand out from the crowd while regaining revenue opportunities of the past self-serve boom by adding new and exciting products.
  4. Why Custard, Italian Ice, and Gelato become more indulgent and delicious when served in the soft-serve environment instead of traditional hard-pack.
  5. How to plan your business, including tips on how to choose your location, how to negotiate a lease, and how to hire your first employee.*
  6. How incredible our frozen desserts taste when you visit our Tasting Room where you can sample many of our delicious frozen desserts.
  7. How to bring more new and repeat customers through your doors with our marketing programs, including our loyalty marketing program.*
  8. How to plan for your grand opening, including how to best utilize your store space and product promotions.*
  9. How we're available to support and advise you after your grand opening, tapping into our knowledge acquired through the years.

Creamery Tour

Sugar Creek wants to ensure that all of our store operators know how our frozen soft-serve products are made from beginning to end. On our Creamery Tours, each operator will:

  • See how the entire Sugar Creek and Honey Hill Farms dessert line-ups are made when you tour our plant and facility
  • See how our cost-saving Super Jugs are made
  • Visit our Research and Development department
  • Learn critical food safety measures through Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
  • Taste the product (it's a hard life we know!)

Tags, Signage, & Posters

We help you market new and exciting flavors by providing you with posters that you can hang in your store. If that wasn't enough, we even provide you with flavor tags for all of our flavors and twist combinations.*

Sample Tags Sample Posters

Super Jug: Earth-Friendly and Recycleable

All of our frozen desserts are shipped in our earth-friendly, recyclable Super Jug. Our labor-saving packaging is less leaky than traditional packaging which means less mess and more efficient preparation! Simply shake and pour into your equipment. No additional flavor packets or mixing required. Itʼs simple and goof-proof!

  • 82% less leakers than cartons or bags
  • 50% less product waste than cartons from incomplete emptying
  • 23% less space required for a case and easily stackable
  • Earth-friendly recyclable HDPE plastic
  • Tamper-evident resealable cap
  • Waterproof for quick thawing
  • Code date, flavor name, and frozen expiration date on each jug

* Participation in the Sugar Creek Partner Program required.

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