Easily add the most popular mix-in treat menu item to your self serve shop!

SwirlFusion, produced by a leading frozen dessert blender manufacturer, streamlines frozen dessert blending with exclusive Sugar Creek and Honey Hill Farm settings and automatic cycles. Engineered for outstanding durability and convenience, the machine is incredibly easy to operate and maintain.

  • Six optimized program settings (settings 1 and 3 are special Sugar Creek and Honey Hill Farms settings for candy and fruit mix-ins) deliver a consistent product across all store locations
  • Pulse function quickly refreshes desserts
  • Includes automatic shut-off and end-of-cycle indicator light
  • Cup-activated lever prevents mess
  • Easily operated with one hand

swirlfusion-logo.pngNo longer just a theory – check out the video above to see how easy SwirlFusion really is!

Increase Sales & Profits with SwirlFusion

  • Customers have the excitement of building their own SwirlFusion (self-serve).
  • Quick, easy blending by the cashier with two pre-programs exclusive to Honey Hills Farms.
  • No mess and no fuss. Choose from detachable spoon system or mix in blender beaters.
  • Easily mix candy, cookies, and fruit into frozen yogurt to entice customers with highly profitable frozen desserts.
  • The next cool experience is now here for the self-serve shop.
  • Expand your menu and increase profits.
SwirlFusion Mixer

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