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Order CustomBlendz Flavors to Create More Low Fat Ice Cream Flavors

Mix a CustomBlendz flavor to Sugar Creek's Low Fat Vanilla Ice Cream to create even more delicious low fat ice cream flavor options. CustomBlendz flavors are sold through our Honey Hill Farms website. Click the link below to order CustomBlendz flavors through Honey Hill Farms:

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Mixing Ice Cream Flavor Bottles is Simple

One CustomBlendz Flavor System bottle flavors 16 gallons of Sugar Creek Low Fat Vanilla Ice Cream Mix. Use the easy tilt flavor bottle measuring system and add 2 oz. of flavoring to 1 gallon jug of product. Shake jug vigorously and pour product into soft-serve machine.


Easy Care and Storage

  • Shelf Life: One year from manufacturing date.
  • Storage Tips: Store in a dry, cool place. Product does not require refrigeration.